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TASCAM DR-10L Pro adds timecode support over Bluetooth

The DR-10L Pro 32-bit float Field Recorder with Lavalier Mic
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The DR-10L Pro 32-bit float Field Recorder with Lavalier Mic

The TASCAM DR-10L Pro audio recorder with clip-on mic comes with plenty of new features, including timecode support over Bluetooth with a special adapter, plus 32-bit float internal recording.

Audio is still everything: A great picture does no good if the audio isn’t of high quality, as well. Happily, the TASCAM DR-10L Pro audio recorder is the newest version of the DR-10L and has everything you’ll need to ensure you're getting great audio for your project. What’s really cool is that it’s recording the audio standalone, and you're not just tapping into a separate recorder/mixer or direct into the camera.

You'll be able to control up to five of the DR10L Pros remotely by using the optional TASCAM AK-BT1 Bluetooth adapter (connects via USB Type-A) and your phone with the Portacapture Control app (for iOS and Android). This is ideal if you're filming a scene with several actors who are mic'd up, for example, or a major live event such as a wedding.

tascam dr_10l_pro_w_connect_app

The timecode support over Bluetooth is a game changer (with the AK-BT1), and will ensure you’re syncing your sound and picture properly. It also supports wireless timecode with Atomos’ products.

Here’s the feature list:

  • 44.1 k/48 kHZ 16/24-bit, 32-bit float internal recording (WAV) or 44.1/48 kHZ MP3
  • Records at 128/192 kbps and plays back at 32-320 kbps
  • Timecode support via optional Bluetooth adapter (TASCAM AK-BT1)
  • Clip-on lavalier mic
  • 3.5 mm (1/8”) stereo mini jack (dual mono output)
  • USB Type-C (USB 2.0)
  • Ultra portable and compact design 
  • Audio files saved every 20 seconds 
  • Files saved to microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC
  • Wireless control of up to 5 units with the app
  • Up to 24.5 hour charge on two AAA batteries

The TASCAM DR-10L Pro audio recorder is a nice, compact, and affordable portable mic and recorder solution, priced at $219. You also get iZotope RX Elements free with the DR-10L Pro. If you also purchase the AK-BT1, which is a no-brainer frankly,  it'll set you back $39.

The recorder does have some competition, including the RØDE Wireless GO II ($299) and the Zoom F2 ($179), but if you're looking for a reliable, quality wireless audio recorder, the TASCAM DR-10L Pro definitely looks to be an option to consider.


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