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Symply @ NAB 2023: Portable private cloud & more

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Richard Warburton, Director of Product, Creative at Symply, takes us through two of the company's latest products at NABShow 2023; Symply Transporter and Workspace XE. 

Symply Transporter is a new S3 native edge appliance shipping this month that is essentially a private cloud in a transportable box and a real potential powerhouse when it comes to cloud-based workflows in remote locations.

"This has really been designed to go to the edge, whether that be a film set, production location, or any other kind of remote environment, and give you erasure code-protected object storage," he says. "It's beyond RAID; much more safe, much more secure, impervious to attack."

It also features the ability to run embedded applications from the box on location, while compute AI or computer process in the cloud can also be integrated, providing private cloud connectivity to a post house or client.

It does a lot, in other words. The 100TB box costs about $35000 and has been custom engineered from the ground up.

The same hardware design has also been used for the Workspace XE, which provides the ease of use of NAS with the advantages of SAN to deliver fast, safe, and scalable collaborative desktop storage for high-resolution workflows.

Richard takes us through both with plenty of technical detail. Have a look below. 


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