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Sphere Las Vegas stages spectacular Fourth of July / first birthday celebration

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Yesterday, the Las Vegas Sphere celebrated the one-year anniversary of the first illumination of the Exosphere – the world’s largest LED screen – with a dazzling Fourth of July Exosphere show.

Managing to run its first birthday and its Fourth of July celebrations together into a single show exhibits some very decent planning on The Sphere's part. 

The Exosphere content was amplified with more than 500 drones that took the shape of fireworks, stars and more to complement the imagery appearing on The Sphere's surface. And alongside the display, Sphere also launched a couple of new things:

XO Audio – an audio experience where music is synced to content on the Exosphere, further enhancing the multi-sensory experience
XO Stream – an official livestream, which is now available on thesphere.com so fans can watch the Exosphere 24/7

All in all it's a great show. And a happy (belated) Fourth of July from all of us.


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