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Sony releases new digital wireless plug-on transmitter

Family snapshot: the DWT-P30 fits smoothly into the Sony audio ecosystem
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Family snapshot: the DWT-P30 fits smoothly into the Sony audio ecosystem

Sony’s next-gen DWT-P30 helps create a complete digital wireless microphone system when used alongside the company's other audio products.

Sony Electronics’ DWX series wireless mics and transmitters is expanding with the introduction of a new digital wireless plug-on transmitter, the DWT-P30, which will replace the current DWT-P01N. Sony reckons it is an ideal match for studio, ENG and location sound uses.

The new transmitter complements Sony’s DWX series slot-in receiver and bodypack transmitters to create an all-inclusive digital wireless microphone system, for camcorder use including UniSlot and on location recording.

So what do you get over and above the DWT-P01N? New features include:

375kHz spacing high-density simultaneous multi-channel operation and wideband tuning at a maximum of 148MHz

High sound quality with CODEC MODE4 (Prioritizes audio quality while maintaining transmission stability and providing low delay time - approx 1.2ms)

Selectable RF outpower power (2mW/ 10mW / 25mW)

Long battery life of approximately 6 hours

Remote control of transmitter settings with Cross Remote function

The DWT-P30 is planned to be available at the end of 2022. 

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