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Sony intros FE 24-50MM F2.8 G standard zoom

The new Sony FE 24-50MM F2.8 G: comiing in May
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The new Sony FE 24-50MM F2.8 G: comiing in May

Sony’s latest compact 35mm full-frame E-mount lens, the FE 24-50MM F2.8 G, is billed as a compact, large aperture F2.8 G Lens with high-performance optics.

The new FE 24-50MM F2.8 G standard zoom has an F2.8 maximum aperture over the entire zoom range. This means that, despite having a small and lightweight body, it achieves the high-resolution performance and beautiful (Sony’s words) bokeh that you would reasonably expect from a large aperture G Lens with F2.8. 

It features a filter diameter of 67 mm, maximum diameter of 74.8 mm, length of 92.3 mm, and weight of approximately 440 g. 

Sony promises that sharp and detailed images at all focal lengths are possible thanks to the arrangement of four aspherical lenses and two pieces of ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass. This means that aberrations (chromatic aberration, for instance) are reduced, achieving high-resolution performance from the center to the corner.

Sony FE 24-50MM F2.8 G pic

The FE 24-50MM F2.8 G uses an 11-blade circular aperture, which, together with the optimization of spherical aberration, provides that bokeh. It has a minimum shooting distance of 0.19 m (AF) at the wide end and a maximum magnification of 0.30 x (AF), offering high-quality close-up shooting. 

Two linear motors power that AF and provide high-speed, high-precision, high-tracking, and quiet focusing. The lens also supports high-speed continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking of up to 120 frames per second for the full-frame mirrorless Alpha 9 III. For those wanting a solid video performance, AF tracking is also available for high frame rate 4K 120p or FHD 240p movie recording where critical focus control is required. Plus, it supports in-body Active Mode image stabilisation for steady shooting while walking.

It is compatible with the focus breathing compensation on camera bodies, has intuitive manual focus thanks to the adoption of linear response MF, and has various other user-friendly functions such as a customizable focus hold button, aperture ring, aperture click ON/OFF switch, and focus mode switch. It has also been built to be dust and moisture-proof with a fluorine coating that prevents dirt from sticking to the front surface of the lens.

The FE 24-50MM F2.8 G will be available in May for approximately $1100. 


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