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Sony introduces two new Crystal LED direct view displays at CES 2021

Sony's new Crystal LED series direct view displays. Image: Sony.
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Sony's new Crystal LED series direct view displays. Image: Sony.

Sony has introduced two series of Crystal LED modular direct view displays with the target applications of corporate showrooms, lobbies and production.

The Crystal LED C (ZRD-C12A/C15A) is a high contrast model while the Crystal LED B series (ZRD-B12A/15A) feature high brightness. Both are available with pixel densities of 1.26mm or 1.58mm.

These sets mark the movement to microLED display technology and combine this technology with the signal processing capabilities found in Sony’s BRAVIA TV’s. Both series are designed to deliver smooth artifact-free pictures minus any motion blur. They feature wide viewing angles, wide color gamut and inputs for HDR, HFR at 120fps, and 3D.

The displays themselves are flexible, modular and bezel-free tiles that can be scaled to accommodate different sizes, resolutions and layouts including even mounting on a curved wall.

The Crystal LED C-series offers a contrast of 1,000,000:1.

Most notably, the Crystal LED B-series offers brightness of 1800 nits which provide highly realistic HDR images. The matte and anti-reflective coating of this series makes it ideal for studio backdrops as well as a display for production applications.

The Cristal LED C-series offers brightness of 800 nits which will allow display of HDR material at brightness levels somewhat above consumer HDR TV’s.

More information will be released on Monday January 11 at the now-virtual CES show.

Check them out on Sony’s site. Pricing will be announced and availability is expected in Summer 2021.

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