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Sony C-80 studio recording mic builds on heritage

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Sony’s new C-80 is billed as a uni-directional condenser microphone ideal for vocal/voice recording, instrumental recording, vlogging, and podcasting.

Sony has a good track record when it comes to studio recording mics, and the new C-80, which launches in Europe next month, inherits the technology of both the Sony C-800G and popular C-100 microphones.

In fact, it combines them rather adroitly. The microphone capsule is derived from the C-100 and the two-metal body construction is as used in the C-800G. Dual diaphragm configuration suppresses sonic changes with distance (proximity effect) and allows more stability in the vocal recording process. 

Noise Elimination Construction, developed for the C-800G/C-100, prevents microphone body acoustic vibration, resulting in low noise and clear sound.

When it comes to sonic characteristics, Sony reckons that a tight and rich mid-range capture provides a vocal sound with a clear core and presence, allowing vocals to stand out even when mixed with other instrumental sounds. Natural and clear vocal recording is achieved by suppressing boomy low frequencies and noise when close to the microphone, while attention has also been paid to the realistic reproduction of the characteristics of an instrument, such as the sound of guitar strings and the resonance of the body.

The new C-80 will be available in Europe from November 2022. Pricing, and global availability, is currently TBA.

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