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Sony adds FE 50MM F1.4 GM to full frame lens lineup

Mount the FE 50MM F1.4 GM on a Sony Alpha camera to unlock breathing compensation and more
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Mount the FE 50MM F1.4 GM on a Sony Alpha camera to unlock breathing compensation and more

The new E-mount FE 50MM F1.4 GM is the latest addition to Sony's well-regarded G Master full-frame lens lineup.

50mm is a very popular lens choice for both stills and video work, so it's no real surprise to see Sony expand its G Master range to include one.

It's a decent spec too. The FE 50MM F1.4 GM features two XA (extreme aspherical) elements that effectively correct field curvature and most types of aberration. It is also designed with one ED (extra-low dispersion) glass element that suppresses chromatic aberration to maintain clear and sharp images without colour bleeding. Sony reckons that this design combination of the XA and ED elements helps achieve high-resolution throughout the entire frame. 

It also helps makes it very compact. The precisely positioned XA elements, high-thrust XD (extreme dynamic) linear motors, and the latest compact circular aperture unit combine to produce a large-aperture, high-resolution lens that is only 80.6 mm in diameter, 96.0 mm in length, and 516 grams in weight. All in all that makes it 33% lighter and 15% less volume when compared to conventional models with the same specifications.

sony FE 50MM F1.4 GM

Those motors help it to be as much as 1.9x faster than conventional models with the same specifications, says the company. And when paired with the latest Sony’s Alpha cameras, this lens can quickly acquire focus and track subjects, even when using the shallow depth of field available at F1.4 (it also supports those cameras' breathing compensation function).

Minimum focusing distance is just 0.41 meters and maximum magnification is 0.16x when autofocus is used, providing extra flexibility when shooting both stills and videos.

It should be good to use too. Linear Response MF ensures that the focus ring responds directly and repeatably to subtle control when focusing manually, while the lens also features an iris lock switch, the first to be offered on a Sony prime lens. Additionally, this lens features a 67 mm thread mount, allowing for a filter to be interchangeable with the FE 24mm F1.4 G Master and FE 35mm F1.4 G Master lenses.

Focus hold buttons and a focus mode switch provide extra shooting versatility. Customizable focus hold buttons are present in two locations, which can be further assigned to several other functions from the camera’s menus. The focus mode switch, meanwhile, makes it possible to switch between autofocus and manual focus on the fly, to quickly adapt to changing shooting conditions.

Its front lens element features a fluorine coating that repels and allows for easy removal of fingerprints, dust, water, oil, and other contaminants, while a dust and moisture resistant design provides extra reliability for outdoor use in challenging conditions. And Sony’s original Nano AR Coating II on the lens suppresses reflections even in a backlit scene.

Availability is mid to late March and pricing is set at €1700 or equivalent. 


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