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SmallRig adds cages and kits for Nikon Z6 III

The $169 Night Eagle Cage Kit features gold accents, red marks, and a vintage leather finish
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The $169 Night Eagle Cage Kit features gold accents, red marks, and a vintage leather finish

The ever-active SmallRig is quick out of the gate with new accessories for the just launched Nikon Z6 III.

While science insists that the shortest measurement of time ever recorded is 247 zeptoseconds*, the time it takes for a photon to pass across the width of a hydrogen molecule, we would argue that the time between a new camera being launched and SmallRig announcing accessories for it is in roughly the same ballpark.

Which can only be a good thing. Especially as the three cages released for the new camera by the company look good and are pretty cost effective.

camera cage

The $69 Camera Cage for Nikon Z6 III offers the usual range of built-in interfaces for diverse shooting scenarios. It has a three-point locking mechanism that ensures stability and prevents twisting with strategic screw placements, and an integrated Arca-Swiss quick release plate allows easy attachment to various tripods and gimbals.

camera cage kit

The $129 Camera Cage Kit for Nikon Z6 III adds  an ergonomic handle and an HDMI & USB-C cable clamp with thumbscrew which safeguards camera ports and ensures stable signal transmission.

Night Eagle Cage Kit

There’s also a Night Eagle Cage, which is a $99 journey on to the top of the range Night Eagle Cage Kit. This adds even more, including a press-and-flip cable clamp design that allows easy interface access without disassembly, a cold shoe mount, and wraps all that up in a design that reflects the camera’s aesthetics with gold accents, red marks, and vintage leather finish. That takes the price up to $169.

More info at www.smallrig.com.

*A zeptosecond is a trillionth of a billionth of a second; 0.000000000000000000001 seconds.

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