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SmallHD’s PageOS 6 update adds powerful new capabilities

PageOS 6's camera control functions
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PageOS 6's camera control functions

SmallHD says its forthcoming PageOS 6 will add increased functionality, expanded customization, and a more streamlined, intuitive UI for a faster, more efficient workflow.

 Available as a free download for any SmallHD monitor currently using a previous version of PageOS, PageOS 6 plans to offer enhanced software tools for every model in its current monitor series. This is the first major OS update for two years, and new features include Fleet Control, a redesigned Color Pipe, Wi-Fi support, Handheld Multi-view, support for new dials, expanded control of function buttons, and more.

PageOS 6 Beta will be available as a free download in May 2024

So, stepping through all that, a new Color Pipe interface gives users increased on-screen visibility to instantly review settings information and more intuitive management processes to speed up their workflow. Pomfort Livegrade integration lets users apply the tool on top of any preloaded 3D LUT in Color Pipe on their SmallHD Monitor.

For remote wireless and network monitor control, a new Fleet Control App can be installed on a user’s tablet or computer to control one or more monitors at the same time, allowing them to match settings, manage signal and feeds, manage LUTs and Color Pipes and control multiple PageOS Tools via Ethernet or WiFi.

PageOS 6 supports WiFi functionality on SmallHD monitors with off-the-shelf WiFi adaptors to upgrade firmware or manage the Fleet Control App.

Custom Exposure Assist offers custom control for black clip, white clip, and middle gray for much smoother transitions than Spectrum 1 and 2 modes.

Handheld Multi-View lets SmallHD Ultra 7 Monitors display multiple feeds in multi-camera environments. Users can view feeds from HDMI, SDI, or Internal Bolt 6 simultaneously with side-by-side dual monitoring.

Other PageOS 6 features include a new pixel-based Fine Adjustments Tool for crop/size and exposure adjustment in increments as small as 0.1%, plus RAW 8-bit or 10-bit luma values for exposure; a nifty little GPI Tally Overlay that displays a red “recording” border around the outer bezel of SmallHD 4K Monitors; more camera-control functions on a wider range of cameras; intuitive dial control for Quantum 32 with push-and-turn simplicity and more. 

“Our first major PageOS upgrade in two years is focused on major enhancements to customization and flexibility, along with a significant upgrade to color processing, allowing calibration tools to be more precise and effective,” said Greg Smokler, VP of Cine Product at Creative Solutions. “Our engineers and designers have made improvements to numerous tools, workflows, and architectures in PageOS 6, which will power the most powerful and intuitive SmallHD monitors yet.”

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