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SmallHD partners with Samsung on Quantum 32 OLED reference monitor

The new Quantum 32  OLED reference monitor
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The new Quantum 32 OLED reference monitor

The new Quantum 32 31.5" quantum dot OLED monitor from SmallHD and Samsung Display Corporation has been built to meet the demands of HDR color grading and mastering.

Samsung Display Corporation (SDC) was one of the pioneers of quantum dot OLED, so it's interesting to see SmallHD team up with such a major player in the consumer electronics space for the new Quantum 32 OLED reference monitor.

As SmallHD says, QD-OLED panels directly emit narrow spectrum RGB light evenly in all directions. This provides uniform luminance up to 1000nits, extending color gamut coverage to over 90% of BT.2020, and enabling an exceptionally wide viewing angle.

Details beyond that surrounding the new unit are scarce. But we do know that the Quantum 32 features a new, more powerful central processor with an entirely custom-designed architecture running PageOS, SmallHD’s own operating system. It's got a unibody chassis, some fully customizable buttons and rotary controls at the front (as well as click wheel navigation for PageOS), 4x 12G-SDI, 1X HDMI 2.0 inputs;
4x 12G-SD1, 1X HDMI 2.0 outputs; integral WiFi; a dovetail mounting rail for batteries and other accessories, and a carrying handle. This is not, you get the feeling, a unit simply destined to spend its life in a suite somewhere...

Pricing, availability, and all that other essential stuff is TBA. But we'd hope to know more soon what with NAB approaching...



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