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SmallHD announces the Cine13, a new 13-inch 4K set monitor

The new SmallHD Cine13 4K monitor. Image: SmallHD.
The new SmallHD Cine13 4K monitor. Image: SmallHD.

The new monitor is designed to be highly portable, yet give users a quality display to obtain critical focus and on-set monitoring.

The new Cine13 monitor features a 13-inch IPS LCD screen and is capable of 1500 nits with a native resolution of 3840x2160. Connection wise it features  four independent 12G-SDI input/outputs, one HDMI input/output, integrated accessory power ports, a dovetail mounting rail for a battery plate or other accessories, and a removable cheese rail.

SmallHD Cine13 monitor. Image: SmallHD.

The monitor weighs in at 6.8lbs (3.08kg), which SmallHD claims makes it one of the lightest 4K monitors currently available.

Pricing for the Cine13 is placed at $4699 and the company says that it will begin shipping in late July. For more information visit the SmallHD website.

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