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Shure’s MoveMic wireless lavalier is tiny and discreet

The $499 top range  2x Mic 1x Receiver bundle
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The $499 top range 2x Mic 1x Receiver bundle

Shure reckons its new MoveMic Microphone System is the world’s smallest dual-channel direct-to-phone wireless lavalier microphone system.

Around the time we were putting the finishing touches on our Top 6 wireless lavalier microphones for 2024 feature, Shure released the MoveMic Microphone System, billing it as the world’s smallest and dual-channel direct-to-phone wireless lavalier microphone system.

It certainly is small, weighing only  8.2g per microphone and measuring a demure 46mm x 22mm. Additionally, it’s been designed so that only a fraction of the microphone is visible while worn for a high level of concealment and portability. Given the fact that some recent lavaliers have effectively doubled as (albeit small) advertising billboards, its fairly stealthy logo is only a good thing.

shure movemic in use

MoveMic connects directly to phones in both single—MoveMic One—and dual channel—MoveMic Two—configurations for use with the company’s MOTIV and MOTIV Video apps on iOS and Android. Users can configure the usual range of audio settings such as gain, limiter, compression, noise reduction, and EQ. Additionally, users can record and livestream content to Facebook directly from the MOTIV Video mobile app, with YouTube livestream integration promised later in spring 2024. 

Those looking for a more open ecosystem can use the standalone MoveMic Receiver and bundled MoveMic Two Receiver Kit to seamlessly integrate with a range of devices including cameras, computers, and third-party smartphone apps.

An IPX4 rating makes them capable of withstanding spills, splashes, and the demands of recording outdoors, while each MoveMic wireless clip-on mic features up to eight hours of battery life. Users can achieve two additional eight-hour charges within the charging case, giving creators an entire day of recording for every full charge. USB-C connectivity makes MoveMic universally chargeable with any USB-C capable charging platform.

Usefully, after pairing MoveMic One and Two with a user’s preferred device, the microphones will automatically reconnect to the last-paired device when removed from the charging case and powered on.

Pricing starts at $249 for the single unit MoveMic One and charging case. The two mic MoveMic Two is $349, the MoveMic Receiver $199, and 2x Mic 1x Receiver bundle costs $499.

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