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RedShark is undergoing some big changes

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RedShark is undergoing big changes

RedShark is currently set for some big changes, which will be rolled out soon. We just wanted to make sure that you, our readers, know what's happening, and to ask you to bear with us while we continue with this big overhaul of our systems.

RedShark News began 8 years ago in 2012, and over that time it has built up a highly regarded reputation for both its insight into visual technology, as well as how it has presented the future. Our readers haven’t always agreed with us, but that’s what has stimulated healthy debate in our comments section over time.

However things change. The web, just like camera technology, advances over time. And the models that worked back at the beginning don’t necessarily work now. As we entered 2020 we started to instigate some big changes. One of these was a move to an entirely new back end system, and as you can imagine with a website the size of this one, that was never going to be easy.

We have now completed our move over to the new back-end system, a huge undertaking in itself, but as the Covid-19 crisis hit it has also had an impact on us. Readers will have noticed that there have been less updates recently. However the good news is that we have now sorted out many of our teething troubles, and so in the coming days and weeks you will start to see more of the sort of content and updates that you have come to expect from us being published.

These are difficult times that we are living in, and the Covid-19 situation has caused far reaching ripples across the world. Often in ways that were unexpected. The video and film production industry has been particularly badly hit, with productions cancelled, and trade shows placed on the back burner.

But if we work together to keep the flame alive, we can come out on the other side of this fighting fit and ready to continue anew. For RedShark readers this will take the form of a complete website overhaul. It will be easier to see what’s new, and it will also be much easier to find what you are most interested in. It will mean a much more modern experience, with more video content, tutorials, and insights into this fast moving industry of ours.

We would like to extend our thanks to all of our readers who have supported us over the years, and we would just ask you to bear with us a little bit longer as we undergo the website version of reconstructive surgery!

From all of the RedShark team.

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