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RED V-RAPTOR & V-RAPTOR XL join Frame.io Camera-to-Cloud

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Frame.io's Camera to Cloud beta for RED has just dropped, meaning you can now shoot 8K REDCODE directly to the cloud for the first time ever.

Adobe announced the new Frame.io Camera to Cloud integration with the RED V-RAPTOR and V-RAPTOR XL cameras a few months back at Adobe MAX and now the beta is here. All you need is a RED V-RAPTOR or V-RAPTOR XL, a paid Frame.io or Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, and a high-bandwidth internet connection to make this work. No additional hardware is needed (though admittedly it's a fairly big 'all' to start with).

After multiple tests, Adobe was able to send its first automatic transmission of an 8K RAW R3D file, a CDL, a ProRes proxy file, a WAV, and a custom LUT directly to the cloud (4TB of 8K RAW) right to Frame.io without any camera media, a workflow you can see in the video below. It should be pointed out that this only works with a very fast internet connection with speeds above 800Mbps at a minimum. If you cannot access dedicated fast internet links, you can still send ProRes proxies with a 80Mbps, but you will still eventually have to send the original camera media to the person who will be working on the footage.

Shooting directly to the cloud is no news, but sending 8K RAW footage to the cloud is big. We will hopefully see more of this sort of thing too as the service expands. Since first announcing Camera to Cloud in early 2021, the service has grown from two initial hardware partnerships to more than a dozen - and counting.

Find more information here.


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