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RED Arsenal helps you select the perfect camera,

Image: RED.
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Image: RED.

There is no doubt RED has come a long way since the first news hit in 2005, with a reveal at the 2006 NAB, and the debut with fanfare of the RED ONE in 2007. There have been plenty of cameras and options over the years, and the RED Arsenal page's goal is to help determine which camera is right for you.

RED Arsenal

When you log into RED's website, you can click to explore the RED Arsenal, where you'll see the lineup of cameras. From there, you can choose which body you'd like, including the RANGER, the modular DSMC2, and the KOMODO, and the best sensor.

Available sensors for the DSMC2 includes MONSTRO 8K VV (Vista Vistion), HELIUM 8K S35 (Super 35), GEMINI 5K S35, and DRAGON-X 6K S35. The RANGER has three options with the MONSTRO, HELIUM, and GEMINI. Each comes with 2 power plate options each, V-LOCK | PL or GOLD MOUNT | PL.

However, when it comes to sensors and the KOMODO, there is just one option, but it's a great one: The 6K S35 with global shutter, which fits perfectly with the compact body of the RED KOMODO.

To help with selecting the right camera and options, RED released some videos, which you can watch here:




Jarred Land, RED's President, has an Instagram account that is a must follow, and he's unveiled a new RED KOMODO battery which should be on sale very soon. Not much is known about the REDVOLT BPs, but we should know more very soon.

Image: RED.

In addition, Jarred says two other battery options have passed the RED certification, Jupio and Blueshape. Stay tuned for more details.

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