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Teaching microbudget filmmaking at Raindance Film School

A Raindance student working on his final project
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A Raindance student working on his final project

The Raindance Film School was founded in 1992 by Elliot Grove with a simple yet audacious question: Can you make a film with no money, no training, and no experience? This vision laid the groundwork for what is now a global independent filmmaking education institution.

Recently we were involved with producing a video for ASUS looking at how its kit was being used at Raindance Film School in Dubai. It was an interesting enough story that it got spun out into a case study which we reproduce below.

Introducing Raindance Film School

Hosting one of the largest independent film festivals in Europe and with over 12 hubs across seven cities, Raindance's global reputation began with a vision to provide aspiring filmmakers with the tools and knowledge needed to bring their cinematic dreams to life. Led by Principal and CEO, Zulfiqar Choudhry, Raindance Dubai is more than just a film school; it's a vibrant community that grows talent and creativity, offering comprehensive courses covering various aspects of filmmaking.

The challenge of computing power

As Raindance Dubai shifted its curriculum to prioritize computing heavy tasks, its next challenge was the hardware. There was a need to invest in new technology that could meet the demands of modern filmmaking. With a focus on micro-budget filmmaking, the school needed technology that would deliver value without compromising on quality, power, performance, and speed.


A teacher guides the student through the post-production process using the ASUS ProArt Display PA32UCXR

Powerhouse machine

Raindance Dubai found a suitable solution in the ASUS ProArt Creator Workstation powered by the ASUS ProArt B760 motherboard. This powerhouse machine delivers uncompromising performance, making it ideal for handling demanding post-production workflows. Paired with the new ProArt GeForce RTX 4070 Ti graphics card, the workstation easily processes massive volumes of video data up to 8K resolution, ensuring smooth and efficient production.


Creator Workstation featuring the first time the fully powered ASUS motherboard, graphics card, and AIO cooler

When working on set

Every year, the students are producing a film that will be screened at the Raindance Film Festival. This means the students need to write a script, film it, and manage the post-production process.

When working on location, Raindance relies on the ASUS ProArt Display PA24US monitor to playback footage with unparalleled color accuracy. With its 24-inch 4K UHD display and built-in motorized colorimeter, this monitor enables filmmakers to achieve visual consistency across different shots, ensuring every frame meets the highest standards you would expect when working in the industry.


Students use the ASUS ProArt Display PA24US when working on set

Empowering post-production

After filming on set students move into post-production. To combine the software with the hardware, Raindance needs monitors that can display true colors and fast-moving images without a hitch. For post-production HDR grading, Raindance uses the ASUS ProArt Display PA32UCXR, featuring a 32-inch 4K mini-LED panel that showcases every detail of the work. Paired with the ASUS ProArt Display PA279CRV GUI monitor, which boasts 99% DCI-P3 and 99% Adobe RGB color spaces, students have the tools they need to achieve true-to-life colors in their feature films. This keeps the desk space to a minimum without sacrificing the image.


A student using the ASUS ProArt Display PA32UCXR (on the left) together with ProArt Display PA279CRV (on the right)

Fully integrated workflow solutions

By integrating ASUS ProArt technology into its production workflow, Raindance Dubai has transformed the filmmaking experience for its students. With enhanced productivity and creativity, aspiring filmmakers can now focus on bringing their artistic visions to life, knowing they have the technical power to achieve their goals.

"It just lifts productivity and creativity for the students... It enhances their whole focus on their approach to production through pre-production and production and ending up in post," concludes Andrew Smith, Manager of Raindance Film School Dubai.

Raindance Dubai's commitment to innovation leads the way in filmmaking in the Middle East, empowering filmmakers to tell their stories with precision, and unparalleled creativity.


Students filming a scene on the rooftop out in Dubai

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