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RØDE releases powerful new app update for the Wireless GO II

Image: RØDE.
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Image: RØDE.

RØDE has announced a new app update for the Wireless GO II that adds a collection of new features.

The Wireless GO II was a much fuller featured successor to the original Wireless GO, and understandably it has become the go-to wireless mic for many people. Now, a new update for the RØDE Central app, which is the direct companion app to the mic system, adds even more features to make your sound recording life much easier.

Wireless GO II RØDE Central v1.3 new features

  • Batch export – multiple recording files can now be exported simultaneously.
  • Exporting selections – sections of recordings can now be exported individually via manual selection, rather than users having to export the entire file.
  • Marker indexing – user markers that have been manually dropped in a recording are now indexed in a drop-down menu, making specific sections of a recording easy to access and export.
  • Colour-coded markers  to make it easier to differentiate between dropout markers and user markers in a recording file, these are now colour-coded red and green.
  • Dropout regions – if several dropouts occur within 10 seconds of each other, these will now be displayed as a “dropout region” rather than there being multiple dropout markers clumped together. This can then be exported as an individual section.
  • ‘Jump-to Marker’ buttons – ‘Jump-to Marker’ buttons have been added, which make it easy to locate and export dropouts, dropout regions and user markers.
  • Naming recordings – the names of recordings can now be manually edited in RØDE Central.
  • Improved recording navigation – a mini-nav bar has been added to the top of each recording, which allows users to quickly jump to a region rather than having to scrub through the whole file. A zoom function has also been added to the main recording waveform. Both of these features are particularly handy for navigating through longer recordings.

Owners of the GO II can download the new update from the RØDE website.

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