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Quasar Science releases free lighting e-book series

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A Guide to Image-Based Lighting for Virtual Production promises to offer a comprehensive guide to mastering IBL technology and take your lighting to the next level.

Quasar Science has announced the release of a new e-book series: A Guide to Image-Based Lighting for Virtual Production. Featuring four free e-books, it promises to offer an in-depth exploration of Image-Based Lighting (IBL) technology, and how it is revolutionizing the motion picture lighting industry. 

The e-books cover a wide range of topics related to IBL, including the origins and future of the technology, the technology that enables IBL, and the pitfalls of lighting talent with a LED wall. The series also explores the key to realistic and dynamic subject lighting, understanding the color engine, and data management and protocols.

"On set Image-Based Lighting, is a game-changing lighting technique has transformed lighting for virtual and traditional production," says Quasar Science Principal Engineer, Color & Imaging, Tim Kang. "Our new e-book series empowers filmmakers and virtual production professionals to understand the power of IBL and take their lighting to the next level."  

The e-books are available for free download from the Quasar Science website and contain practical insights to help both beginners and experienced professionals create stunning environments that will captivate audiences. 

With raw computing power, video gaming techniques, and highly pixelated programmable LED fixtures, a new era in motion picture lighting is here, and these e-books look like being a valuable guide to getting started with IBL and making sure you don’t get left behind.

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