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QScan 2021 gives users much more power with full HDR quality control

QScan is really quite essential software. Image: LWKS.
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QScan is really quite essential software. Image: LWKS.

QScan from LWKS is software that could be a life saver for any producer, and now it has been updated to deliver full HDR measurements, an industry first, as well as introducing new payment options.

Okay, I know the sound of quality control software isn’t quite as sexy as hearing about the latest camera on the block. However QScan is one of those pieces of software that once you know what it does, you won’t be able to live without it. It is, quite literally, a veritable life saver.

QScan can quickly analyse all your media files for any quality control issues, such as dropped frames, peaked audio etc, and a whole ton more, as well as giving you full analysis of your final deliverable edit, ensuring that it complies with the standards set by broadcasters and streaming services for both picture and audio. This not only ensures you can be made aware of problem files before you even start editing, but it will also prevent red faces when it comes to the delivery stage as well.

QScan in action. Image: LWKS.
QScan in action. Image: LWKS.

The latest version of the software features a new web-based GUI for more efficient and easier use, as well as bringing forth a new pay-as-you-go monthly payment model. The software now follows a very similar usage model to its Lightworks NLE stablemate, with a free version available for entry level users, and the monthly, yearly, and outright purchase plans available for power users. This flexibility in how the software is paid for should assuage those who do not like subscriptions, giving them the opportunity to make a one time purchase if that suits their way of working better.

The new QScan 2021 is available now to download from the LWKS website.

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