This is a remarkable video. Watch it, and you won't know what's real and what isn't.

Written by David Shapton

Keith Loutit/Jarbas AgelliCity of Samba

It's easy to trick your brain into thinking that something is different. Often these "illusions" last only for moments, until your perception calibrates itself and everything seems "normal" again

Perspective is perhaps the most pervasive illusion. It gives us a sense of depth, even in 2D. It's the subject of any number of illusions. "Forced Perspective" can trick us into thinking that something is bigger or smaller - until we move our heads and the illusion breaks.

So, given the normally fleeting existence of visual illusions, it's all the more surprising that you can make a whole film that relies on one specific trick, and yet, however hard you look, the illusion that the people, cars and buildings in a well-made Tilt-Shift film are miniatures doesn't fall apart. Which makes it all the more fascinating.

Utterly convincing

This is another Tilt-Shift film from Keith Loutit and collaborator Jarbas Agelli. No matter how many times you see the trademark Tilt-Shift techniques (shallow depth of field, elevated camera angle, time lapse) it's still an utterly convincing and yet, at the same time, perplexing effect.

We interviewed Keith Loutit here

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