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A Bulletproof Workflow: Magic Bullet releases Bulletproof Public Beta

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Magic Bullet/RedSharkBulletProof public beta

With digital, file-based production, your experience on-set during productions is a potential minefield. Throw a complicated raw workflow into the equation, and you need help. That's the reasoning behind Magic Bullet's BulletProof

And now you can try the software, free, as it enters a Public Beta phase.

It's not surprising that Red Giant has opted for a Public Beta program, because this is an application that not only has to work dependably, but it has to fit into an open-ended number of scenarios, and it would be virtually impossible to test them all out in-house. Throwing your software to the world-out-there is absolutely the best way to test it because you never know what you don't know.

Non destructive

Highlights of the program include the ability to backup to several places simultaneously and to create non-destructive colour-corrected previews.

We think this is definitely the right time and place for products like this!

Download from www.redgiant.com/bulletproof [link corrected]

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