Creamsource Micro Colour: A versatile film light for filming on the go

Written by RedShark News Staff

Video review: RedShark video regular Bas Goossens takes a look at the Creamsource Micro Colour. An LED light that offers a few surprises.

Lighting on the go is becoming more important as we speed up our workflows and demands on equipment to be fast to set up and take down become more pertinent. In this video review Bas Goossens takes the Creamsource Micro Colour for a spin and discovers that whilst the unit might not be quite as "micro" as the name makes it out to be, it is, in the words of Bas, "absolutely bombproof!"

Such words will be music to the ears of the average video roadie. And although it is good to have easy to use and portable equipment, it is always very good to hear that it can stand up to the type of ham fisted treatment that this type of gear can get put through on a daily basis. Take it away Bas...

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