Red Shark Review of the Year - June 2019

Written by Andy Stout

Digital BolexFor all its promise. the Digital Bolex never managed to go on to change the world

A significant month for new tech with Apple finally turning its attention back to the Pro market and the new from Blackmagic.

Apple's incredible pivot back to professionals


At some point last year Apple became the first trillion-dollar company. Then, stock markets being what they are, it wasn’t. Then it was again. Either way it has a lot of cash and it finally put some of it to good use in the Pro market with some stunning new hardware. The new software releases were rather cool too.

What did we think? We liked it all. “This was a blockbuster developers conference for Apple which completely redefined the company for high-end creatives via cutting edge new hardware, while also delivering on almost everything that the iPad has been looking for to finally make it deliver on its computer replacement hype.”

URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2 - Our first impressions of this potentially revolutionary camera


“Now I realise that for those reading this article you might think that the use of the word 'revolutionary' in the headline is hyperbole,” wrote Simon Wyndham at the start of this piece. “But I'd like to clarify. The might not turn the camera world on its head (then again it might), but it is yet another turning point in the evolution of Blackmagic Design's cameras, and it is also a turning point in showing what can be offered at the price.”

You can read the two part review that followed here  and here

Tl;dr? “. The G2 is a camera that can handle any job you care to throw at it, and it is priced at a level that even production outfits on a fairly lowly budget can afford. In fact I think if are in the market for a camera that allows you to shoot everything from events through to corporate and industrial, as well as cinematic drama and sports, you'd be pretty mad not to consider the G2.”

The Chernobyl miniseries was one of the most important television dramas of our time


With other notable HBO series messing up the landing in a big way (we’re looking at you, Westeros) or alternatively being surprisingly good (if you’ve not given Watchmen a try yet, you really should), the one that still stands out at the end of the year is it’s co-production with Sky, Chernobyl.

“HBO and Sky collaborated to make the series and are doubtless very pleased they did,” commented Phil Rhodes. “It’s certainly attracted attention for its unflinching description of a technical subject as well as depicting the full horror of a nuclear accident in a way that the nuclear industry itself might find deeply uncomfortable, given that nuclear technology has barely moved on from the 70s and 80s. And if those raised eyebrows leads to TV becoming a bit more – well – highbrow, that’s absolutely fine.”

Here's what happens when DJI and GoPro go head to head


The first in a two-part review of the . It might not have the all out sophistication of the GoPro range, but it still has some interesting points that make it worth more than just a casual look.

“What it lacks in some areas it makes up for with a lower price, and by being very easy to use. But it also offers up a few of its own tricks, like the front facing screen.” 

These cameras were so full of promise. What happened to them?


Not all cameras go on to great things, of course. But some of the failures are more spectacular than the others. From the Digital Bolex to the AJA Cion and the recent implosion that took out the Fran, Phil Rhodes presents a really interesting list of camera-shaped white elephants.

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