Listen to our panel discussion: Filmmaking on the move. (Burbank, 12 December 2019)

Written by David Shapton

RedShark Media LimitedRedShark Connect, Burbank December 2019

We gathered some of the best and hardest-working filmmakers and post production experts in the LA area, asking them questions in front of an audience. It was absolutely fascinating. Here's your chance to listen

We love doing RedShark Connects. Each time we've done them in New York, Amsterdam, LA, Berlin and London, we've surprised ourselves with the response. In Berlin, this summer, it was the hottest day of the year. We thought we'd have empty seats. But, no: it was packed. 


Sony Venice camera rigged with SmallHD monitors

And last week in Burbank, we thought "this is a funny time of year. Maybe we won't get so many". In fact, this was our biggest and most sucessful event ever. It's simply fantastic to know there are so many people that love coming to these evenings. It makes it more than worthwhile.



Zeiss Supreme Prime with SmallHD monitor in the background

On 12th December this year, we had a Connect event at Creative Solutions LA (genuinely awesome people) and the plan was to talk about filmmaking on the move - with a focus on the way that technology is improving the working lives of filmmakers away from the studio.

We had some wonderful guests: Sandra Valde Hansen, Michael Rizzi, Christine Steele, Jody Eldred and Barry Goch, to whom I say a huge "thank you", not just for giving us your time, but for being so animated and helpful during the discussion.  

I'd like to say a massive thank you to our partners that made this possible for us to give a genuine hands-on experience for the visitors. This time we had a real, working workflow with 2 Sony Venice cameras (and if you've just seen that Top Gun trailer, you'll know what these can do), a Sony FX9, with a mixture of Zeiss Supreme Primes and CP-3 lenses. The cameras were topped out with SmallHD monitors. The footage was stored on G-Tech drives and uploaded to Adobe Premeire for real-time editing. And, amazingly, Wooden Camera had cages for the FX9 - and they're already shipping. 


Here's the discussion. It starts with a five minute intro from me, talking about the rapid and continuing rise of technology. If you want to skip this and go straight into the panel discussion, go straight to 4 mins 55 seconds. 


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