Pond5's Marquee Collection doesn't look like stock footage

Written by Andy Stout

Pond5The new Marquee collection is chasing the high-end of the stock market

Pond5 has released a new video collection that it hopes no one will ever look at and think that it is stock footage.

Pond5’s new Marquee Collection looks to compete with the very highest end of the footage market with a hand-curated library of clips shot by an impressive range of experienced filmmakers such as Warren Miller Entertainment, Shannon Wild, Francisco Aliwalas, and Corey Jenkins. The company’s being bullish about the market it’s after for them as well, stating that all of it has been shot in consultation with the artists and with the needs of top agencies, production companies, and Fortune 500 brands in mind.

It’s a competitive space, but Pond5 has a significant USP up its sleeve as it’s offering all Marquee content at a flat rate of $299 per royalty-free clip. This is a big saving over costs that are normally in the $3000 and considerably — and often eye-wateringly — higher ballpark, and gives an impressive degree of transparency to the process of buying in stock footage.

The footage is available in HD, with a decent percentage also in 4K and some 5K+ files too, and is curated in different categories covering travel, fitness and wellness, business, technology, food, connections (“Footage of our connected universe of work, friends and family around the world,” explains the company), and adventure.

View the new Marquee Collections on the Pond5 website.

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