07 Oct 2019

Designing a switcher for a new generation of creatives

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Stuart Ashton, Director EMEA, on the new Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini switcher Stuart Ashton, Director EMEA, on the new Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini switcher RedShark Media

Bas Goossens says he’s pretty excited about Blackmagic Design’s new ATEM Mini live production switcher, and he’s got every reason to be.

Stuart Ashton, Director EMEA, dives into some of the history behind the launch of the new ATEM Mini in the below video and it’s pretty interesting stuff.

“We’ve been traditionally focusing very heavily on SDI based production switchers…but one of the things we’ve started to find is that there is a range of customers who are more familiar with HDMI as a solution for input rather than SDI,” he says. “Those are the YouTube guys, the online broadcasters, the gamers, and we felt it was time to stop neglecting them and produce a product that would allow them to do what they need to do in the highest possible quality with a solution that was very intuitive and easy to use."

Ashton says that "a lot of the guys in the online space are breaking new ground and doing things that are stretching the capability of broadcast by trying new and unique things,” and the interview provides a good insight into the design decisions a company can make to help them stretch techniques even further.

Check it out below.


Andy Stout

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