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NDI goes from strength to strength

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RedShark MediaMatt Allard, product marketing manager, Newtek

NDI 4 was released at IBC2019 and very much takes the protocol up to the next level. Bas Goossens investigates.

One of the more interesting corporate moves at IBC2019 this year was the decision of the Vizrt Group to spin NDI off into being its own separate brand.

“Since 2015 NDI has grown beyond a single company,” explains Matt Allard, product marketing manager, Newtek, in the video below. “It started off at Newtek but it really has gone way beyond a single company… There are so many other partners out there, people doing software applications and hardware devices, and end users who are downloading the NDI SDK for their own applications.”

With the latest NDI v4 now available, that list is going to grow too. Allard describes a host of new features as the protocol moves steadily out of a concentration on live production and into wider broadcast workflows, including multicam shooting and editing.

To find out more, as well as the significance of the machine race beside him, watch the video.

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