15 Sep 2019

RedShark at IBC2019 - Day Two round-up video

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Reporting from deep within the RAI... Reporting from deep within the RAI... RedShark Media

David Shapton and Bas Goossens look back on Day Two at IBC2019 and discuss meta trends, trends in individual areas like lighting, and talk RED Komodo.

So, what are some of the underlying trends we can see at IBC2019? Virtualisation is one of them, and is a big part of the general move towards IP. On a more focussed level, lighting is also moving its own goalposts to the point where very lighting manufacturer is doing something with RGB lighting and LED lighting is all becoming more professional, for want of a better word.

“The pace of innovation in lighting is incredible now,”says David, while Bas points out that that has gone hand in hand with real innovation in ease of use.

As for RED Komodo, as they say it’s out there, it’s coming, it’s small, and we know the lens mount. And that’s about it…

Have a look below. And despite what they say at the start, this is the Day 2 video. Really (and yes, they had us going for a while there too).

Andy Stout

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