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The Top 10 things to see and do at IBC2019

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ShutterstockA vibrant show in a vibrant city: the industry is gearing up for IBC2019

IBC is one of the most significant tradeshows of the year, a European autumnal counterweight to the sprawling NAB. It's no slouch itself though, with around 55,000 visitors and close to 1700 exhibitors. Here's our pocket guide to the highlights of this year's show.

Welcome to our guide to the things we recommend you check out at IBC this year. Before I get onto the list though one major, major tip if you haven’t been before: get a floor plan! The RAI is an elaborate maze of various halls and passageways that can stump visitors that have been attending IBC (and ISE) for 20+ years! Anyway if you do visit, have fun and enjoy the show. Here’s what to see…

BMPCC 6K.jpg

1: Blackmagic Stand 7.B45

First off we should confront the elephant in the room: the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K. Follow the throngs of people heading to Blackmagic’s mega stand in Hall 7 to see it in “the flesh” and have a look at it for yourselves. Our Aussie friends have continually used NAB and IBC as platforms to launch new, genuinely industry changing kit, so watch this space for further announcements!

2: The Future Zone 

My favourite area of the entire exhibition and in parts, utterly, wonderfully bonkers! You’ll get to see what the BBC’s R&D department (think “Q from James Bond for the media and entertainment industry”) have been cooking up these last 12 months, as well as various other future thinkers from around the world. Last year the theme was heavily weighted to VR/AR experiences and we’re very excited to see what’s there this year. Nothing like it at any other trade show we’ve been to.


3: Canon Stand 12.D60

The “other” big camera announcement pre IBC - the Canon EOS C500 MK2. 6K, full frame, Cinema RAW recording and a decent price? We believe there has never been a better time to be a video content creator thanks to the choice in this range (Sony FS5/7, Panasonic EVA1, BMD URSA MINI Pro etc). So see which one is best for you as all have great features.

4: RedShark Banner 

Please allow a moment of vanity here… We have a 17m x 6m banner outside the main entrance of the RAI. Take a selfie in front of it and we will happily share it on our social channels (insta @redshark_news and Twitter @redsharknews). We want as many people as possible to be as well informed as you are, dear reader, so help us spread the word.

5: G-Technology Stand 7.A85

Always on hand with the best swag at the show you need to stop off here! They also love live demos that include dropping portable drives in a fish tank and smashing them with hammers before exporting the footage from them via T3 in lightening quick times. We use their drives ourselves and there’s a reason why so many desks in post houses use them too.


6: Panel Discussions/ Keynotes

This should be an essential part of your visit. The team at IBC have signed up some great speakers from Disney, YouTube, Vice, Amazon, Warner Bros. and more. Also panel discussions/workshops featuring the minds behind Mindhunter (Auditorium 10:30 - 11:20 Sunday 15th) and Black Mirror (Auditorium 09:30 - 10:20 Saturday 14th) if you work in acquisition/ post are a big recommendation from us (we will be at both).

7: Atomos Stand 11.D25

Even if you are one of the few camera operators that don’t seem to be using one of their recorder monitors as part of your rig you can’t miss them at a trade show! At 3pm every day they have a huge (and I mean HUGE) raffle to win various Atomos kit. If you forgot my earlier advice and don’t have a floor plan on you right now don’t worry, just follow the sound of the baying mob shouting “Aussie aussie aussie, Oi Oi Oi!” and you’ll find them. Also home to some great demos (at NAB they had a live skate park and invited visitors to shoot there) so check it out!

8: NewTek Stand 7.C12

The team at NewTek are one of the best in the business when it comes to broadcasting over IP. Its NDI product range simplifies this process immensely. Dave is a huge fan of not just the technology right now but the potential for the future. If you want something a little more hands on, its TriCaster demos are a thing of legend at IBC. Hopefully, as the company is now part of Vizrt, it will be even bigger and better!

9: Signiant Stand 14.B23

Now this is interesting. We talk a lot about high resolution filmmaking, how to store it and how to work with it. There is still the issue of how to send and share projects and footage remotely. Signiant is a specialist in solving that problem via its Media Shuttle product. Watch it in action; if you need it it’s totally essential.

10: The Beach

No, not the “actual” beach, I mean the RAI’s recently updated new artificial beach. Which actually is a massive bar area! By now you’re shattered, have had 20+ demos (or given 40+ if you’re working there - don’t worry exhibitors, we haven’t forgotten about you), can’t quite remember how many stops of dynamic range of the Sony VENICE cinema camera has, and you need some refreshment. This is the place to go! The central hub for networking, relaxing or getting away from it all. It’s also the venue a lot of the show parties are held. All in all I’d say it’s the “beating heart of IBC”. Have a beer, the sun’s shining (hopefully) and you’ve earned it.

amsterdam beauty shot.jpg

11: Amsterdam 

OK I know I said “Top 10” but had to add this at the end. If you’re a local then lucky you! For the rest of us take some time to see one of the planet’s most diverse, interesting, and visually stunning places. If you’re a creative you’re in the right place. Remember to take a camera with you as well. As “Insta’ friendly” as it gets, everywhere is worth a shot in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam shots: www.shutterstock.com

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