This plugin for Premiere Pro CC makes it work everywhere: meet EditMate [Promotion]

Written by David Shapton

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With IBC starting this week in Amsterdam, we're taking a look at some of the more exciting products that you might not have come across before. EditMate, from Arvato, is an amazingly deep and capable plugin-in for Premiere Pro

Working together on a modern video production often means working apart. The speed and intensity of today's video productions means that editors have to work everywhere: at home, in hotels, trains and planes, as well as in the office.

EditMate is a new plug-in for Adobe Premiere that is designed to make it easy for editors to work remotely - solo, or on collaborative projects. It makes remote editing feel like you're sitting right next to the server.

Remote editing sounds simple but "traditional" IT techniques don't work well with video. Latency is almost always a problem and without an extremely fast video internet connection, the experience can be slow, laggy and frustrating. Editors need to be able to play video forwards and backwards, and to scrub video effortlessly.

These are exactly the issues that EditMate is designed to solve

Remote working

EditMate has a media management engine that optimises video assets for remote working, making sure that video clips are available and even handling rendering tasks centrally - so an editor working on several projects can switch between them without having to wait for renders to finish. Even with a relatively slow internet connection, EditMate's proxy technology maintains a good editing experience.

The system means that editors can even work together on the same project.

Video projects often need to conform to design guidelines. EditMate has templates that are pre-populated with design elements to keep edits looking consistent. The asset management system co-ordinates projects templates and metadata for consistency across productions and to simplify the workflow.

What looks on the surface like a simple plug-in is actually a deep and sophisticated ecosystem that transforms the Premiere Pro experience.

If you want to find out more, here's some info on Arvato's website. 

Meanwhile, there's this video: 


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