Beautiful commercial from Lurpak

Written by Neil Roberts

Lurpak/RedsharkLurpak the cook

This new European commercial from Lurpak is so beautifully shot and edited I had to share it. I warn you you'll be feeling hungry by the end 


This new Lurpak commercial really caught my eye, with its lovely high speed footage and camera moves; deftly edited and with a great soundtrack. Simple yet elegant.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Creative: Ray Shaughnessy / Dan Norris
TV Producer: Matthew Ellingham
Production Co: Outsider
Director: Scott Lyon
Producer: Zeno Campbell-Salmon
Photography: John Mathieson
Production Designer: Sam Tidman
Post Production: The Mill
Editing House: Work
Editor: Art Jones
Music: Alex Baranowski
Voiceover: Rutger Hauer


Tags: Production


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