The Panavision Millennium DXL2 camera system continues to evolve

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Panavision is gearing up for Cinegear 2019 with a few teasers for new features for its MONSTRO powered 8K Millennium DXL2 camera system.

When it comes to drool worthy camera kit you can't get much more aspirational than the Panavision Millenium DXL2. Powered by the , the modular camera is continuing to evolve, and the company has posted up a teaser of what users can expect to see from it at this years Cinegear show, which begins this weekend.

The new features and abilities for the DXL2 include :-

  • Integrated C-Motion FIZ module
  • Arri WCU4 handset support
  • Wireless Audio Module
  • 6G SDI for 4K Bolt wireless transmission 

Additonally Panavision is unveiling new features for the DXL M module system, which works with RED DSMC2 cameras :-

  • Motorized Lenses
  • 2x Dual SDI output
  • Primo HDR EVF - 5x power outputs
  • Dual quick-release baseplate
  • Battery Elevator

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