How to get the most out of your kit

Written by Andy Stout

RedShark NewsNew models of kit ownership are opening up the industry

One of our highlights at NAB 2019 was a panel discussion our Editor in Chief, Dave Shapton, hosted about getting the most out of your kit and new models of ownership.

No matter where the industry goes, no matter what it does, at some point or other it’s going to need physical kit to make it all work.

One of our most interesting discussions at NAB involved looking at different models for renting and owning kit. It was discussion that had a certain amount of authority behind it too, including Kristina Budelis and Lisbeth Kaufman, co founders of KitSplit, and Bianca Halpern, cinematographer and owner of rental house Becine. Bas Goossens was involved as well, and the result is a fascinating insight into how the model of ownership is changing and the underlying principles at work here as what we might term the Airbnb model spreads into our industry.


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