08 May 2019

RED's 2019 DSMC2 showreel. Here's what people have been doing with their RED cameras during the last twelve months

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RED DSMC2 2019 Showreel RED DSMC2 2019 Showreel RED

RED's showreels are always worth a look. This one's particularly impressive

 It's nearly a year now since RED announced that it was simplifying its product range. In quite a dramatic move, it consolidated its new camera range around a single form factor and the same electronics. Essentially there's now one physical body* and one set of internals. The only difference is the sensors, and since these all have names, it's easy to specify that you want a , a or a , and so on. 

It's a good strategy and it's certainly made life easier for journalists trying to cover the camera range! I'm pretty sure that buyers appreciate the new clarity too.  

So, here's this year's showreel. Here's how the new cameras are shaping up. Looks pretty good to us!

*Apart from the new, rental-only Ranger

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