NAB 2019: Now, Voyager - the latest cart from Inovativ

Written by Andy Stout

RedShark MediaThe new Voyager EVO is a serious bit of engineering for every occasion

Inovativ made so many upgrades to its Scout EVO cart that it decided to rebrand it. The company’s Sam Kj walks us through the new features of the new

The more you shoot the more you tend to need more things, and that’s why there is the demand for products like the Inovativ Voyager Evo; a lightweight, sturdy, and flexible equipment cart that can comfortably accommodate payload between 400 to 600lb.

These aren’t cheap products — the Voyager 30 starts at — but the price screams build quality and they can be awesomely useful. In fact, Inovativ says it is seeing increasing demand from new media creators, as well as its traditional markets of DIT, Steadicam, and anyone that’s putting in a lot of miles and working in a lot of different environments.

“It’s all about enabling the creative professional to take their workspace and go anywhere in the world,” explains Brand Manager, Sam Kj. “Fly with it, ship it; however you need to get it there it’s going to be light and it will follow you wherever you need to go.”

More in the video below.


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