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NAB 2019: Adobe adds blizzard of new features to Premier Pro & more

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RedShark NewsA tonne of new stuff from Adobe at NAB 2019

Patrick Palmer, Principal Product Manager for Video Editing at Adobe, on the raft of changes that have been made to Premier Pro and the rest of the Creative Cloud line.

As our own Bas Goossens says at the start of this video: “You have announced quite a few new things.”

Indeed Adobe has. And what is impressive about it all is that, as the company’s Principal Product Manager for Video Editing, Patrick Palmer says, it’s less about the technology and more about the experience you have with the product as a user.

There’s a doctrine in sport about marginal gains; increase performance by 0.5% here, 1.2% there, and do enough of that and pretty soon you have a significant advantage over your competition. That’s what comes to mind watching Palmer talk about the Adobe line-up. The changes might be small — though the new Freeform feature that lets you customise your editing setup in Premier Pro is possibly a bit of a bigger deal than that when it comes to workflow efficiency — but it all really adds up.

“It’s about getting away from the notion that these are just files that sit in a place on a disc; it’s about the storytelling process,” he says.

Watch more below.

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