Here's what the experts think about the future of film-making

Written by David Shapton

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What's the future of film-making? And how do we connect our work today with the way the future's turning out? Should we buy the latest stuff? Or should we wait?

Just a week or so ago we went to LA to meet up with some of the people who know about the future, because they're working with tomorrow's technology today. Everything's in flux these days, so it's more important than ever to separate reality from fantasy. 

At our RedShark Connect event in Burbank, we invited an audience to watch our panel disussion. Our experts were:

Michael Cioni, Panavision
Philip Holland, Director and Cinematographer
Sandra Valde Hansen, Cinematographer
Dan Duran, RED

This is a truly stellar team. Michael Cioni is founder of Light Iron and currently Senior VP of Innovation at Panavision, responsible for the development of the Panavision DXL Cinema Camera System. Philip Holland is an innovator as much as a Director and Cinematographer: he's not just fluent in 8K, but 12K as well!. Sandra Valde Hansen is a Cinematographer and teacher, whose latest work is featured in Now Apocylipse. Dan Duran is RED's workflow specialist and the ultimate authority on anything practical to do with RED. 

Watch the video below - it was shot in 8K and is available on YouTube in 4K. It's not a quick watch - but if you can find the time, it's worth it. Please do let us know what you think and if you have any other questions you'd like to see answered in future. 

Meanwhile, huge thanks to our Panel. Thanks too to our Partners at the event, 

RED Digital CinemaSigmaG-TechnologySmallHDTeradekApple's Final Cut Pro, and Aputure.

Thanks as well to DPA microphones for their help with this, and to CSLA for letting us host this and for all their help setting up. And of course to Bas Goossens from for the filmmaking and post production work. 




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