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Steadicam Air 25: You possibly won't look at monopods in the same way again

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Most camera people swear by the trusty old tripod, but Mark McCarthy from Sparky Film takes a look at , a device that is certain to change your view on monopods for video.

Like the majority of RedShark News readers out there who operate film/video cameras, I have been using a variety of tripods for years, never really considering any other option aside from support devices such as an Easyrigs which I use and own. The thought of using a monopod never once crossed my mind. That is until now. When I discovered that the monopod could carry a payload of up to 25 lbs (there is a version a which is designed to support lighter cameras) - I just had to try one!

What sets this monopod apart from other models on the market, is that it’s gas lifted and spring activated which is a major factor when you want to quickly change height. Traditionally you would have to adjust your monopods height by screwing/ unscrewing the different sections to raise and lower it. This takes time and could mean you’ll miss your shot. With the Steadicam Air’s foot pedal device this be be achieved very smoothly and quickly, with just the press of the rubberized foot pedal. It’s as simply and hassle free as that. Being able to achieve a height of just over 62 inches as well - the monopod offers a big range of heights to work with whilst offering great support.

The weight of this monopod is also an important benefit. Being constructed of carbon fibre, it’s extremely lightweight and compact. As you will see in the short video report, it comes in a lovely padded carry bag, small enough to comfortably fit in your suitcase; meaning no need to travel with a large tripod and carry case on certain jobs! And for someone like me who travels a great deal with all my kit, often on my own, being able to potentially travel with one bag less is amazing, and can save that cost of that ‘extra sports bag’ to check into the hold.

I am genuinely both excited and delighted to discover this product and aim to use it whenever possible. For me it will make filming a more enjoyable process, taking all the weight off me whilst filming, and also allow me to be a little more mobile whilst being able to achieve steady shot, in areas where I wouldn’t fit a traditional tripod. 

If the is something that has peaked your interest and think it might help you as it has me, please don’t hesitate and give it a go. If you have any questions about it please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be happy to help at SPARKYFILM.COM

For those interested this film was shot in the .

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