Teradek's RT ACI is a really clever new way to control RED cameras

Written by RedShark News Staff

The from Teradek aims to transform the way you interact with your . And it's shipping now. By RedShark Reporter Mart Goossens. 

The new device from Teradek is a new way to control .  But far from being yet another gadget that hangs awkwardly from the side of the camera on an arm or other unweildy mounting, the RT ACI bolts directly onto the side of the camera body, effectively making it part of the camera.

It looks to be an incredibly versatile bit of kit, allowing full control over the camera setup, such as shutter speed, white balance, reslution, frame rate etc displayed by what looks to be a very clear and large LCD display. Teradek have thought of the controls quite carefully, and have considered the types of harsh conditions that cameras are sometimes used in. So instead of finnicky touch screens, the controls here are large tactile buttons and a large jog wheel, which should ensure that even the largest sausage fingers inside gloves should be able to operate the device easily.


The RT ACI seamlessly integrates with RED DSMC2 cameras

All of this means that instead of having to deal with lots of menu systems, RED camera users can access the most important settings at the quick touch of a button and dial use, making it incredibly convenient. Furthermore, the buttons are fully configurable to your own needs and requirements.

But it is much more than just a way to set up the camera. Full wireless remote control is enabled on the forthcoming MDR.ACI variation of the device, using 2.4Ghz FHSS radio, which Teradek claims can be used in the harshest of conditions up to 5000ft away. In addition (on the MDR.ACI model) there is a 3-channel motor drive receiver for wireless lens control.


The forthcoming MDR.ACI variation adds wireless control capabilities

The is available now for $899.95, while the wireless capable will be avaialble soon for $2199.95. for more information visit the Teradek website.

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