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Zeiss Supreme Primes review: Somehow Zeiss has added character to these amazing lenses

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Here's what you get when you put a set of Zeiss Supreme Primes onto one of the world's best cameras: the - and shoot in 8K

What’s interesting about this isn’t just that we’ve paired some superb Zeiss lenses (Zeiss Supreme Primes) with the – an extreme camera by any measure. It’s that the result is digital video that is beyond merely “very good”. Here’s what I mean by that.

Zeiss is famous for making lenses that are sharp and technical-looking. They’re comfortable being described as an artistic tool and a scientific instrument in the same sentence. 

But we’ve reached a stage in video technology where there’s room for more than sheer precision. It’s hard to be specific what this is, and you really have to look at the video to know what I mean, but to me, there’s no doubt: these lenses have character. They have a look. They have a feel.

So what you get is more than the sum of the parts. It’s a pinnacle of technology with a new take on a characterful lens. It’s as sharp as you like without looking harsh or clinical.

More than anything, it creates an emotional response. It’s about engagement. It’s about drawing the viewer into the images. 

All of which might sound a bit over the top, but see for yourself.

This review is by talented filmmaker Bas Goossens of Ministry of Frames. And if features our own Matt Gregory in a moody cameo.

(Extreme thanks to Creative Solutions New York, Zeiss and RED for their help in getting this review together)


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