25 Nov 2018

Sigma shows off its new cine primes

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It's behind you. No really, it is. In a case as well. It's behind you. No really, it is. In a case as well. RedShark

The first glass that Sigma has developed with a cine-first approach were on show at IBC earlier this year.

Sigma had three new primes on show at IBC2018, but as the observant will already have noticed, the company’s Brian Linhoff is only holding two.

“We have the 40 and the 105 here,” he said hefting each of them. “The 28? There’s one of them in existence and it’s sitting in the case behind us. The only time I touched it was when I put it in the case. It looked very nice - trust me.”

The new lenses are significant for the company in that they represent a new approach that sees it develop for a cine audience first, rather then the stills market.

“When you’re looking at development you can look at minimising breathing, prioritise how your highlights roll off, make sure your bokeh looks circular and beautiful and as awesome as it can be.… It’s just a little different development mindset.” Explains Linhoff.

See how it’s paying off below:

Andy Stout

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