18 Nov 2018

The EVA1: We talk cameras with Panasonic

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A happy first birthday to the Panasonic EVA1 A happy first birthday to the Panasonic EVA1 RedShark

Amongst other milestones at IBC2018, Panasonic’s had its first birthday. RedShark marked the occasion with the company’s Oliver Newland.

Panasonic's IBC stand was thoughtfully divided into its business different areas: Live, PT, production and so-on. And understandably the , which hit its first birthday at the show, was one of the main areas of interest.

“We recently ran a competition based on it and some of the entires for it were fantastic and looked like they’d been shot on the Varicam,” enthused Oliver Newland, Field Market Specialist for Professional Cameras. “It’s been nice to see how operators have been using it in different ways. We’re starting to see it being used on everything from natural history productions to commercials to freelance corporate work, and it’s exciting to have a camera that can work in all those different areas.”

Elsewhere, there was also the intriguing prospect of a Varicam LT with a fibre back, which Newland says address the increasing desire of OBs to shoot as live but then also go through a post production process. One Netflix commission recently did this in London, shooting with 8 Varicams. Never mind the gig, that would have been something to see in itself.

Find out more in the video below.

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