08 Nov 2018

Fujinon is on a roll. [Video]

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Much glass on the Fujinon stand at IBC Much glass on the Fujinon stand at IBC RedShark

Fujinon had an extremely busy stand at IBC with a lot going on. Marketing Manager, Marc Horner gave Bas Goossens a whistle stop tour.

It’s difficult to pick out a highlight from our video visit to the Fujinon stand at IBC as there’s a serious amount to talk about: everything from new broadcast lenses to the (“The first 4K, 60 frames per second, 10-bit camera that will record internally as well,” explains Fujinon Marketing Manager, Marc Horner, proudly), to the IB/E universal mount system it’s using to get its glass onto cameras such as the EVA1.

Marc does start off with a bit of a headline grabber though: an anamorphic adaptor for the company’s MK lens range.

“You can shoot anamorphic on a zoom lens for $6,000, $7,000; $10,000 and you have two zoom lenses,” he says. “It’s getting a lot of interest and we hope it’s going to make some waves.”

Have a closer look below.

Andy Stout

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