DPA’s impressive subminiature headset mic

Written by Andy Stout

RedShark The DPAs 6066 Subminiature is 60% of the size of its predecessor

Billed as the ‘biggest small thing we have ever made’, DPA’s 6066 Subminiature Headset was a hit on the IBC showfloor; you just had to look very, very closely to see it.

One of the most impressive products on the showfloor in Amsterdam was also one of the smallest, namely DPA’s 6066 Subminiature Headset. At 3mm wide, it is only 60% of the overall size of its predecessor, which is now a comparatively chunky 5mm.

“This is the best microphone we have ever made in this size range,” says DPA’s Rene Morch, while wearing the mic to highlight how comfortable and small it is. “It is very comfortable to wear and at the same time I am confident that it will stay in place. We have put a lot of effort into making sure it is secure and stable.”

More than that though, it is just as capable as its much larger predecessor.

“The whole manufacturing process around this is incredible,” says Morch. “Keeping the same high dynamic range and keeping the clarity of our mics in such a small housing? Hats off to the engineers in the factory. It’s amazing.”

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