Red Giant's BulletProof app is "the other half of your camera"

Written by David Shapton

Red Giant/RedSharkRed Giant BulletProof

Red Giant is playing a clever publicity game by announcing its new post-camera, pre-edit application BulletProof before NAB, but revealing it fully at the show

And it is intriguing.

We've been seeing rumours about a possible NLE app from Red Giant, although this has seemed unlikely. But this gossip hasn't been completely wide of the mark because there will be NLE-type elements, although the focus of the program will be to do all the stuff that fits into the messy space between shooting and editing.

A big deal

This is quite obviously a big deal for Red Giant, because they've put up a  special Landing Page on their website, that intercepts you before you get to their home page.

"BulletProof", it says, is "The other half of your camera".

It goes on to say:

You've got a great camera, you've got a great editor - how do you manage everything between them? BulletProof is a complete offload, prep and delivery solution that bridges the gap, with a workflow that simplifies how you handle footage every day.


There are five main functions:

Backup, Organise, Review, Colour and Deliver.

Between them, they cover all the stages that a modern post-camera workflow require, making use, presumably, of much of Red Giant's existing skills in transcoding and Look creation. What BulletProof adds is Logging and Metadata entry for easy handling downstream in the production workflow.

This does look like an important product announcement. What isn't clear at this stage is the scope and ambition of this new application. Is it aimed at DSLR and small film makers, or does it aspire to feature film workflows?

We'll find out next week. What we'll also see is the industry reaction to this new(ish) category of product.

More on Pre-NAB rumours here

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