BoxCast gets vast new live streaming features with Wirecast integration

Written by Andy Stout

BoxCastThe 4K60 BoxCast Pro can take the train of video and audio encoding in the new system

Telestream’s Wirecast live video production software has been integrated into the BoxCast platform to form a really quick, powerful end to end streaming system.

When it comes to live streaming in particular, things that happen with a single mouse click are deservedly popular. Telestream’s live streaming production software has been steadily picking up momentum in the field, and this new integration with BoxCast’s cloud-based platform opens up a range of new features to users.

These include single source simulcasting, video embedding, cloud transcoding and a fair bit more, and it all happens with admirable alacrity and a couple of different options. Using BoxCast's RTMP video ingestion option, Wirecast users can select BoxCast as a streaming destination from within the software. This allows it to stream directly to BoxCast, utilising the computer for encoding the video and audio, before TX using RTMP. This is turn can be done with either a Single-Use RTMP or Static RTMP Channel, though in each case the setup must be done within 10 minutes of a scheduled broadcast.


The Wirecast program output can also be sent to a secondary HDMI or SDI output that is plugged into either a BoxCaster or 4K60 BoxCaster Pro. This method allows people to take the load off the Wirecast machine and lean on the BoxCaster's own hardware for encoding video and audio, as well as taking advantage of what the company refers to as ‘specially-designed communication protocols’ to optimize available network connectivity.

It’s a neat system that, like all the best integrations, adds something in each direction. It’s also available immediately.


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