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Small products: big deal!

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RedSharkThe Focus Bolt 500: about 350g without battery and really, really crisp

SmallHD’s Mike Ashman is interviewed by RedShark on the showfloor at IBC 2018 about the company’s rather fabulous new Focus Bolt 500.

One of the reasons tradeshows still exist in an era where they were really meant to have been killed off by now is because there is a real value sometimes in picking things up and playing with them. And one of the reasons that videos of tradeshow visits are so popular is that if you can’t get there in person, then watching someone else do it for you is th next best thing.

The video below is a case in point.

SmallHD’s new Focus Bolt 500 integrates Teradeck wireless technology to produce a powerfully effective director’s monitor in a mere 5in screen. Previously, the company had tended to keep them at the larger 7in form factor. But, as its Mike Ashman says: “It is so lightweight and the pixel density is outrageous that it feels really crisp. You can easily frame or pull focus on that.”

And then RedShark’s Bas Goossens picks it up. “The weight, the weight of the thing…you can’t believe it.”

We think he’s impressed. Watch the video below.

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