Zeiss shows off its Supreme Primes

Written by Andy Stout

RedSharkWant this Zeiss Upreme Prime 100mm? You might have to wait till the end of the year...

Director and DOP Bas Goossens interviews Zeiss’ Luke Tait all about the new range of Supreme Primes from the company.

Zeiss’ new range of 13 Supreme Primes launched earlier this year and have been turning people’s heads ever since. Made up of focal lengths ranging from 15mm to 200mm that will be released in waves all the way up to 2020, probably your first thought on seeing the company’s Luke Tait handling the €15,000 100mm lens due to ship around the turn of the year on the IBC showfloor will be “Don’t drop it!”

“It is not a cheap lens, but I think we’ve found a sweet spot in the market for this size ,weight, speed, and sharpness,” says Tait.

Have a look below to see what he means. Oh, and as an aside, Tait hasn’t even seen his own samples yet: they came straight out of the factory and went straight out on set. Demand is already high…

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