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Atomos shows off its Ninja V

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RedSharkEnter the Ninja: Jeromy Young and the Ninja V

RedShark's Bas Goossens interviews Atomos CEO, Jeromy Young, on the IBC2018 showfloor about the Apple ProRes RAW, the new AtomX expansion modules and more.

Atomos’ big news this IBC is that it is on the cusp of shipping its much-anticipated Ninja V monitor/recorder, with CEO, Jeromy Young, revealing that the company has had 10,000 pre-orders “with more coming in all the time.”

Elsewhere, he says that the ProRes RAW shooting ecosystem the company has been building with Apple since NAB is picking up some serious momentum.

“I think there is a lot of misconception about how popular Final Cut is and with whom,” he says. “A lot of the traditional guys aren’t using it for sure, but there are a lot of people using it; there are 3.5 million people using it. We’re seeing so many people picking up our products because of the ProRes RAW story and the ecosystem we’ve built. So we’re very committed to that and we have a whole section of our booth given over to Soho Editors showing off the workflow.”

Young characterises Atomos as a computer technology company that is applying its tech to imaging. “We’re bridging the two worlds: we don’t want to own it, we want to glue them together.”

Hence the new AtomX high speed data port in the battery slot and the announcement of the first modules to fit it.

More in the video below.

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